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FAB FIT FUN- Summer (Editors) Box

I am usually excited when this box comes to my house. But, I was actually kind of mad at this company because of their mix-up. They charged my account like a couple of week before the season. A seasonal subscription that I will talk about more later. Anyway they took out the money from my account. Then a week later I get a message telling me how my account was skipped for the season. Um, I did not skip nor had I request to skip the summer box. And if I had then why the heck are you charging my account? I did an online chat and the guy said that he will go ahead and put in a request to unskip. Why the heck would you need to put in a request?? Just unskip considering the fact that you have my money and have no intentions of giving it back (they just credited account). He said to check my account in a couple of days so I can make my selection of items. When I did said it was unchanged. Online chat here I come….

Talked to the second person and they said it was never unskipped so they tried to fix it. He then sent me screen shots of my choices and told me to chose one item from each section. Well none of the items were the options for the current summer box but I did chose the items from the list given.

I recently received my summer box and come to find out that it was not the actual summer box but the editors edition box. And again will explain all that later.

Here are the contents of my box:

Make Up Eraser: This is something that I received in my Winter box. Thankfully I actually love it. This is a very soft pink cloth that will last at 3-5 years, machine washable, very good for sensitive skin. One side exfoliates while the other erases. Works great for removing waterproof mascara and does so gently. I have washed it plenty and has yet to fall apart. This costs for this is $20. I think is worth the cost.

CZ By Kenneth Jay Lane Round Bezel Necklace: This was actually one of my choices. I chose this because my 9 year old for some reason goes crazy for anything that looks like a diamond. It’ s a really nice looking cubic zirconia necklace. Rhodium plated brass, nickel and lead free. My son of course loved it and has claimed it. The value of this is $59

DONNI. Ribbed Sweater Coat: This was another one of my choices. My daughter said that she has received this in one of her past boxes and loved it. I live in a state that rarely gets hot so I thought this would be perfect. It is kind of thin but looks nice and is very cozy. As you can see my son thought so as well. It fits sizes 0-16. According to fabfitfun the value is $99 but on Poshmark they have them for only $50.


Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer In Black Orchid: A body wash exfoliating type loofah sponge. Infused with an antimicrobial agent, vegan friendly and cruelty free. Ingredients are Edelweiss,Vetiver and Yuzu. This is something I will not try because it is heavily scented. Makes me what to sneeze so I will find someone who can tolerate the scent. This costs $16.

Summer & Rose Celine Crossbody: This is vegan leather outside and 100% polyester material on the inside. I got the color steel with a detachable strap. Perfect size for drivers license, bank card , mascara, lip gloss and maybe a brush. I am a mother to like 100 so there is no way I can use something this small plus really not a fan of the color. Value of this bag is $58.

Skinvolve Body Boost Gel: This is a gel to help appearance of cellulite, tones and moisturizes. Apply on your stomach, thighs and gluts before your work out. It is recommended that you do a test patch especially if you have sensitive skin. The main ingredients are 1. Green Tea- to reduce inflammation 2. Guarana- type of caffeine that will help increase blood flow. 3. Aloe Vera- Moisturizes, soothes and rejuvenates skin. I did try this even though I really have not exercised since quarantine but I have to say that I absolutely love the cooling menthol feeling. Really feels good and leaves my skin so soft. The scent is rather strong but doesn’t bother me at all. I do recommend that you remember to was your hands immediately after apply and do not touch your face. During these times your should be doing so anyway. I also forgot to do a patch test so I am hoping it wont cause a reaction since I do have sensitive skin. Otherwise I love it. This is a 5 oz tube that will cost you $48 to purchase.

Vera Mona Color Switch® Solo: This is a reusable and dry way to instantly clean your make up brushes. After you use your brush and what to switch to another color just wipe your brush against the sponge in a circular motion. Your brush will be ready to use on another color. I keep forgetting that I have this but this is worth trying out. The cost of this is $17.

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask: This mask will help you sleep by blocking out the light and “distributes touch across” across the pressure points. It is incredible soft with velcro straps on the back that is adjustable. I can not sleep with anything covering any part of my face. My 13 year old son asked me if he could try this out. I thought it could not hurt because he has been having issues sleeping due to anxiety. He loves it! He said it helps him to relax and has been using it since we received it. The cost for this wonderful mask is $40. I am also thinking about buying him a weighted blanket if my unemployment ever gets fixed. If the mask helps him a little hopefully the blanket with help a lot more. to mention this was another one of my choices. I actually did have my son in mind.

I am somewhat please with this box despite that fact that it was the editors box. The editors box is what they send if you order in between seasons. They basically give you all the left overs from previous boxes. I normally would not mind but they made the mistake that I had to basically deal with.

FabFitFun is a seasonal box. It costs $49.99 plus shipping per season. You also have to option to pay upfront for the full year and that will cost $179.99 plus shipping. And if you pay for the full year you will get more customization choices. I pay seasonally and get to choose up to three items that i would like to have in my box. They will email you when they have add ons open which is all items from previous boxes that you can purchase for a discounted price. Annual members will get to buy add-ons before seasonal members. The value for each box will be anywhere from $200 on up which makes getting this box so worth the price you actually pay. You can cancel at anytime but make sure to do so before the billing cycle. If your at all interested in this box just send me your email. You will then get an email in return with a link to get your first starter box for just the cost of shipping. I only have 3 starter boxes to give. Otherwise you can just go to

” Share your smile with the World. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace” – Christie Brinkley

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