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Baking another cupcake with my baking buddy

The other day I decided that I wanted to bake alone. I had trouble sleeping so I got up from my bed after my husband left for work. I scrubbed my house like I do every morning and before the kids got up grabbed all my ingredient needed to bake. When my 9 year old saw that I baked without him he was really not to happy. But he was more then happy to eat what I made.

This last weekend he said that I have to make thing up to him. So he went into the kitchen and put on his apron demanding that we bake something together. I asked him what he wanted to bake and with what ingredients. He was so cute looking around our kitchen for ideas. I kind of helped by suggesting we try something other then chocolate. We are running kind of low on our chocolate supply. He saw that we had lemons for our tea and asked if we could use some and make lemon cupcakes.

SOOOOOOO Lemon cupcakes with a lemon honey lavender buttercream it is( he suggested the honey while I the lavender) We do make a good team coming up with ideas.

  1. Sugar
  2. Flour
  3. eggs
  4. milk
  5. veg. oil
  6. baking powder
  7. salt
  8. lemon juice ( I used pure lemon extract)

I let him measure all the ingredients and put it in the bowl because if he wants to bake then he will learn how to properly measures everything. He even decided the amount of sugar to use. Like I said so many times I try to cut the sugar by half. And it still tastes good.

I hate salt but apparently its a necessity in almost everything we bake and cook. And this was it for the dry ingredients. Now on to the wet.

In a separate bowl he poured in the milk……Then
The oil…… Then
EGGS. Two eggs perfectly cracked by my son.

Of course the vanilla. Yup its the imitation kind. Just don’t have the money for the good stuff yet. Lastly theeeeee

While I did the mixing with our hand mixed her slowly poured the wet ingredients into the dry.

After it was all mixed we added some water. What I forgot to show was the pure lemon extract that was also added into the mix.

All mixed and ready to fill the cupcake liners.

We only filled it half way but decided after the next dozen to fill it 3/4. We liked them better a little more filled out. These were placed in the preheated oven(350 degrees) first batch was 18 minutes but they next were about 25 minutes.

While the cupcakes were baking we put water and sugar in a sauce pan. After it boiled and sugar dissolved we added some lemon slices.On low heat we cooked them for about 15 minutes one each side. After place them on some parchment paper to cool. I am going to use these as a garnish. Left overs can be put in a container and saved for up to two week. We used them for tea.

The buttercream was made with honey, powder sugar, butter, lemon juice and lemon zest.

Before we put on the buttercream we brushed some of the syrup that was used to make the candied lemons.

I pipped on the buttercream, added the candied lemon and sprinkled on some lavender. Eventually I am going to have to find the patients to show him to pipe them. I am still trying to learn myself so until then I will be doing this part. I do take his ideas into consideration. I want him to be able to come up with his own ideas and I will do my best to figure out how to incorporate them.

I really was surprised as to how moist these cupcakes were and how well it went with the buttercream. I think we needed to add a little more of the honey. But was still very delicious and silky smooth. The lavender on top was just enough to give that flavor without overpowering the honey(well if you could taste it) or the lemon. They apparently were good because they disappeared in a day and a half. I had one for breakfast with a nice hot cup of coffee… Perfect Breakfast.

I will say this again and I will say it a million times over…. I love baking with my son. (Well on my non stress days when I have to bake alone)



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