Thoughts and goals for July

This last month has been really hard and draining. I stay inside my house now 24/7 taking care of my children and two dogs. Finally got to phase 2 with a bit of freedom only to have it taken a step back. Yes, we try to take walks but can only go so far and see so much of the same things. Just a busy street with a lot of cars. I would take a nice long drive with the kids to find a secluded area for them to just run around and enjoy themselves where there are no people around to bother us but I have to wait and get my car fixed.

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Anyway, while I was sitting in bed the other day I realized that it is now July. Actually on the 4th is when I came to this realization thanks to the help of loud explosions that lite up my bedroom. I have no idea where June went or how it could have gone by that fast. Like I do nothing. This meant that I was behind on some of my blogging work. I did manage to have several things written out and scheduled some time towards what I now know was close to then end of June. I gave myself a longer then expected break. I had actually wanted to go over everything to figure out what my new goals should be prior to June ending.

I guess better late then never right?

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Twitter: My twitter has done pretty well. Despite the fact that I have made the decision to back off some I am still getting followers(500). I hope that is considered good progress. But, again backed off considerably on twitter. I do try to get on at least once or twice a week to read and share others posts to be supportive. I do have questions as to how twitter helps with your blog views. Such as why are people following me if they have no interest in interacting with me. Did they follow me so I can follow back. Did they follow me so I can read and share theirs? Out of all my followers I only have 5 that truly interact with me or even bother to share. I stopped participating in these so called “writers lifts” meaning that I no longer post mine blogs but I am not that crappy person that doesn’t like to help others out. I do go on those writers lifts to read and share. I love to help others regardless. I will say this 100x–I will always share, follow and be as supportive as I possible can without expecting the same in return but I will go out of my way for those who actually take to time to at least interact with me. I also decided that I will only go on my Twitter Mondays and Fridays. I hope to have at least 600 followers by the end of July which means I will be following and trying to support 600 in return.

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Instagram: I love Instagram. I love taking pictures of all the things I get to bake with my kids. I love taking pictures in general and fixing them up using this cool editing application that I have on my phone. This one has been hard to gain followers. It appears that I will be forever stuck at 85. What is weird is that I will lose a couple followers only to gain the back to 85. I keep up with posting on their and I do look and like plenty of others but it just doesn’t get me anywhere. All good because I still love posting pictures. I do hope to get up to at least 100 followers by the end of July.

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Pinterest: I am so lost with this one. I have tried and tried to understand. I have tried to make it look good. And I have tried to understand how the heck this will work to help my blogs. I need to figure out a week to dedicate 100 percent of my time to learn and figure it out. My followings on this was just one big sudden spurt that got up to 35 followers and staying. Not going anywhere and how no idea how to gain beyond. I am going to set my goal low on this one because I would be surprised if it does even get close. Magic number for the month is 50…..

WordPress: I am very happy that I have gained 102 follows. I thought it would be very hard and take awhile to get to that point. I think I spend more time reading others directly on word press then I do on twitter. Everyday I will got to the reading part of word press and discover lots of wonderful blogs to read without the added stress or drama you get with social media accounts. So far I have not had any issues with word press. I am loving the different themes and how I am able to change them when I want to try something better. Anyway, I do not think it will grow much more then this for awhile but I do not think it will come at a standstill either. My views could be better but the way I see it a view of any kind is still a view and its still progress. What I love the most is how I have people from all over the world reading what I have written. I hope they like what I wrote but that is honestly my favorite part of all this..My goal for word press followers will be set for 150.

Facebook is something that I do not really want to bother with at all right now. I do post my blogs but that is all. I don’t even go onto it or look at it. I don’t have any goals or expectations when it comes to growing on Facebook. Maybe later once I grow more but at this time nope.

I know that I am still very new to all this. I know with time, patience, and a lot of work there will be growth. I know that I need to learn to pace myself and take breaks when I am feeling overwhelmed. I also need to keep a positive attitude that eventually I will learn, grow and be successful.

” Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

Winston Churchill

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