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Coffee and a Classic-June

Waited months before we were able to reactivate our account for this subscription. We had to wait that long because they shut down like the rest of the world.

My son was beyond happy. He was really disappointed when I made the terrible decision to cancel it. I did so because we actually got a very damaged box during the winter(post office at fault). I sent the company the requested pictures and they said they would send a replacement. We never got it. But the poor kid missed getting the box and once they were open we quickly resubscribed.

We absolutely love COFFEE AND A CLASSIC subscription. They offer two types of boxes. One is called the starter box and the other is the Standard box. And they use to have three genre to chose from but now you have a choice between Classic Literature and Children’s Classic.

Starter : This box comes with Book, Coffee (tea or hot chocolate) , two bookish items and a bookmark. This is only $41.99

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Standard: You will get a book, coffee(tea or hot chocolate), a snack, cup, two bookish items, a bookmark and a nice high quality box. This one is only $51.00(We get the standard with Children’s classic)

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We of course get the standard box with the Children’s Classic. My son like to rotate between the coffee, tea and hot chocolate. This time we are getting coffee. The main reason he loves this box beside all the cool themed items he receives is that we use this as our reading time together. Well I actually do the reading and he listens to the story. Then we will discuss what we read and what parts we liked.

The items are all nicely packed in this sturdy reusable photo box surrounded by shredded paper. The first item that you can see are yogurt covered pretzels. I am assuming the reason they were all melted and stuck together was due to the warmer weather. It really didn’t stop my son from eating them. I however do not like pretzel and wasn’t about to try them. He did say they were very good, very crunchy and loved the yogurt coating. You can order these from

The next is one of their bookish items. A Botany Naturalist’s Notebook. Inside it has a diagram of the common plant structure and how to use the notebook. You record accurate data, describe you plant/flower findings and environmental changes. This will be perfect for our nature walks.

Another bookish item is this Garden and Flowers Playing cards. This beautiful deck of cards contain colorful illustrations of plants, flowers, and vegetables. The three of spades has a picture of a Lupton Cabbage, Two of hearts has a nice illustration of what I believe are Roses. The card says The Mayflower, September 1899. I love these cards. My son wants the put up so his brothers can not mess with or ruin them.

This one was an interesting item. Well its soap but what made it interesting is that its Fresh Cut Grass Soap. Homemade Garden Soap from Wizardatwork from Etsy. It totally smells like its name. We have not used it yet but we will be as soon as we run out of our current hand soap.

Like previously stated he decided to give the coffee a try. This is an English Toffee Flavor from Coffee by Design. He insisted on waking up early before his siblings in order for us to have coffee time together and try his coffee out. We loved the sweet nutty flavor. It tasted great without any creamer but it tasted even better with at least two tablespoons of french vanilla creamer. He munched on his pretzels while sipping on his nice cup of hot english toffee coffee. Yup he was very happy to get this subscription back. You can check out their coffee by looking up Coffee by design. They have many other flavors that I am sure will be good. We make our coffee using a 4 cup french press so this package with make a total of 8 cups.

Now, what I should have done was hide the card with the name of the book to see if you could have guess what the book was going to be by the items. But nope didn’t thinks about it until the last minute.

The Secret Garden By Frances Hodgson Burnett first published in 1911. About a little girl born in India sent to live with her uncle after her parents died. She befriends one of the maids who tells her about the secret garden that was hidden away by her uncle after the death of his wife. I know many of you have read this story or have even watched the movie so you know that she finds the garden, exploring it with her cousin Colin. I watched the movie but never read the book so I can not wait to read this with my son. The book is a Barnes and Noble exclusive that its cover is bonded leather. Great collectors book. The book mark is a cute pressed wood with a bird painted on the front with a cute ribbon that hold the key to the Secret Garden.

A side note: We for some reason did not get the usual mug in this box. I went to look up why and they don’t give a reason. A bit of a disappointment but we still love the box and hope that in our next box it will come with the mug. You can never ever have enough cups for coffee.

A book is like a Garden,carried in the pocket

A chinese Proverb

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