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Fresh Baked Cookie Crate-June

This is the one perfect subscription box that the kids can not wait to get and they fight as to who will get to help. We love to bake and bake together. It is The Fresh Baked Cookie Crate. Each month you will get a recipe with a new kind of cookie to bake. It comes the majority of the ingredients. You might have to provide a couple of your own ingredients that they wouldn’t be able to ship in the box such as eggs.

The cookie that we will be baking for the June box is Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip.

For this one you will need to supply the bacon, eggs, butter and milk. You can leave out the bacon if you don’t eat it or can use bacon bits instead of having to fry some up. I did have bacon until a certain husband decided to make the package of bacon that was intended for this recipe. Because the kids could not wait a second longer we decided to go ahead and leave out the bacon. Usually I only have one helper at a time but they insisted I needed two. This is only our second box and so far real easy especially since everything is already remeasured and packaged together.

The first step was melting on stick of butter. I did this park. Microwave up to high for the small kids.

My youngerst son( who yes loves to try on nail polish-Deal!) added the sugar packet into the melted butter. My other son will do all the mixing.

He then added the packet of vanilla that was provided for us in this wonderful box.

Since my youngest is getting to be such a pro at cracking eggs he for now gets to do that part. My other son measured out the tablespoon on milk.

Yummy chocolate all ready to add into the mixture.

Matthew 19:19

“Honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself.”

The Good News: In order to make it to heaven, follow two simple rules: love your neighbor as yourself and honor your parents. You’ll live a happy life on Earth and forever with God.

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The boys broke up the chocolate into large chunks. My youngest however tried to sneak some chocolate into his apron pocket. He wanted a snack later I would assume. They mixed the chunks into the dough got our cookie scoop and placed about 6 onto our lovely silicon cookie mat that we received in our last box. Tossed them into a 350 degree oven and baked for about 8-10 minutes. We don’t like crunchy cookies so we tend to cook then closes to the 8 minutes.

These cookies were delicious. Ate them all hot out of the oven. I wish that we were able to try them with the bacon. Bacon and chocolate believe it or not go so well together.

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate is like all the others a monthly subscripition box. You will have 4 options being:

  1. Two dozen plus 2-3 cookie themed gifts (Ultimate) $39
  2. Four dozen plus the themed gifts(Ultimate) $49
  3. Two dozen no gifts( basic) $29
  4. Four dozen no gifts( basic) $39

If you are a new subscriber to this box they will give you the Silicone baking sheet.

I get option 1 and I feel that it is so worth the cost. In my box I got Stainless Steel Measuring spoons. All the sized are engraved on the handle so they will not rub off. Perfect timing because I was looking to buy new measuring spoons. The value of the spoons cost around $17. The other thing I got was a nice soft unisex T-Shirt that has the words “Lets Get Ba’con” on the front. Silly and yet so funny. At least to me, it was. The value for the cute T-shirt is around $28. The last themed gift was a pot holder with the words “Take a Whisk”. Now this one my youngest actually took a RISK using this to take the cookies out. And what I mean is that when he went to take the cookies out the heat from the pan went right through the pot holder and he in fact got burned. I would not recommend using this for anything but as decoration. Value for the non usable pot holder is $11. After putting ice and some burn ointment he fully recovered.

The ingredients are all pre- measured and pre- packaged. They are good with not over doing it on the packaging. The sugars were all in one package and the flours were all in another. Of course the vanilla was in its own. The majority of their ingredients are organic. Included is a sheet with the instructions and helpful tips to make that perfect cookie. They also tell what the next months cookie will be. Of course I will tell you in case you want to give the box a try.

July Cookie—–NUTELLA APPLE BUTTER LINZER COOKIE ( All my kids heard was the nutella part. Their favorite!)

If you would like to try this box go to and you will get a 10 percent discount on your first box. You can also go to Crate joy has different discounts along with a long list of other subscription boxes for you to check out. I love this box! If you like cookies and love to bake I would recommend you try this box. You will never get the same cookie.

Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. Your will thrive in spite of it

Joel Osteen

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