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The June Lippiebox

I was debating as to whether or not I want to keep this box. They lowered the cost of their subscription but you receive less in the box. It is now $12.00 a month.

I only got three items in this box so it will be brief.

The first on is a lip balm. I noticed that you get a lip balm from the same company in all the boxes. All natural products that helps to hydrate your lips. This one I love because it smells and taste like peaches. And I know this by licking my lips not actually eating it. The lip is cool because it has a hole big enough to attached onto your keys. Cost for this is $3.25 at

This one is a very peachy shimmery lip gloss. I went onto their site to find more information but they did not have this item listed on their site. They do have other types along with lipsticks and eye pigments that I shared from a previous box. I love the color and this one is not at all sticky. I love the bottle with the pretty gold handle. My son believes that the small hole on the handle is also for a key chain. The cost of other lip glosses on their site cost around $21…

This last one is a lip liner. It says it a peach color but it looks a bit dark and red to me. Gives your lips a fuller look and is easy to apply. I never use lip liner but did open and tested it out(on my nice clean sterilized hand) so I will be given it to my daughter in law. I went to check their site for more information but apparently they are updating the site.

Silly me just noticed that this was a peach theme box. I love peaches. But despite loving the peaches being the theme of the box I have decided to cancel . I really was hoping it would get better but it did not. You are more then happy to give it a try. Even though I wasn’t a big fan does not mean others might not enjoy it. I ordered mine on . If you go through them they have discounts on first orders. Or you can go to the subscription site itself

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4 thoughts on “The June Lippiebox

  1. There are so many incredible boxes being offered right now, from skincare to delicate treats. I love that you gave this a go, and love even more that you are not going to stick with it; with the variety of boxes available, I would think it hard not to find the perfect box for you. 🙂

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