Family-Meet my Parents and Grandparents


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Born September of 69. My mom said I was a big baby with hair all over. Definitely not big and hairy as a kid or now. I said before was teased, bullied and had learning disability. Went to school and worked as a Registered Dental Assistant. I am a mother to one girl and seven boys. Half Puerto Rican and some Filipino. I understand Spanish but the only people that I would even speak it to were my grandparents. I am the oldest of the five kids born to my parents and as well as the oldest of all cousins on both sides. Did not like being the oldest because apparently I was to be the example for everything. I was very quiet, very religious and I think just a little to caring.(Still am all these things) Loved all even if all didn’t love me. Suffer from chronic depression and do not take medication so my life is a fight.


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Born in the 1940’s to a Filipino father and I am a little embarrassed to say that I have no idea about where my grandmother is from. My dad joined the Navy out of high school and became a Navy seal. He was in the Vietnam war. After that he transferred into the Army reserves. He was in the military during most of our childhood but he also had a civilian job as an engineer.The sea was always a big part of my dad so he started working as a Merchant Marine and would be gone 6 months to a year at a time. We did get amazing gifts from many different countries during his career. But health issues forced him to retire. Now living in the mountains with many of his favorite dogs and farm animals.


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Born in the 1950’s to Puerto Rican Parents. She grew up in a small two bedroom house with four other siblings. During the first 6 years of my moms life she only spoke Spanish. The schools would not allow her to go to school until she learned English and then was teased because of her English. After high school she went to beauty school. We were kind of mean as kids because we always thought she was experimenting on hair styles with us and gave her crap for it. What is funny that to this day no one has ever touched my hair. Sadly I live too far so I cut my own. She now works for convenient hospitals doing the hair of the patients. It really helps them feel better to get their hair done. She really enjoys spending her time with them. Her pay is hardly enough to really support herself but she doesn’t really care much. With the coronavirus she has not been able to work and whats worse is she she gets messages that several of her customers have died.


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Born in the early part of the 1900’s in Puerto Rico. As kids we call the Guela and Poppy. My Guela left the island to find an eye doctor who might be able to help save her site. But there was nothing anyone could do because eventually she went completely blind. She met my Poppy who as she would say were her eyes. He would tell her how we were very nice looking kids. He worked in a factory and they bought a small 2 bedroom house. They had a total of 6 kids but two died soon after childbirth. For a blind women she was one amazing cook not to mention could make the best cup of instant coffee ever. My poppy was a huge San Francisco giants fan. Which is a big part of why I love them as well. He also did love to watch wrestling but that was something that I could never really get into. But I miss watching him sit in his special chair getting excited when they flopped all around the ring. You cant even imagine how much I loved them. My poppy would call me over and tell me how I am the one who made him old. He would let me know he would always protect me and would do anything for me. When he was dying in the hospital laid down next to him listening to him breath. Wishing that all this wasn’t real. Yes I know he was old, lived a long life but he was my favorite person in the whole world. He soon died(1995) and I miss him still so much. In 2004 my guela left to be with him. She really missed him. I still have dreams that I am back visiting them in their house and in my dreams they always say ” mija everything is fine”. And I still cry.

Grandma and Grandfather

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I really don’t know much family history when it comes to my Grandma. Do know she was a teen when she got pregnant with my dad. That relationship didn’t last long. Later married and had two other kids, but became a widow at a young age. Raising three kids on her own and became a very self dependent person. Sometimes I think I take after her more then anyone else. She hates hot weather therefor living where it never got beyond 70 degrees. Our favorite is Andrew Loyd Webers Phantom of the opera. She got me tickets to take my daughter to go see it in San Francisco. We both love Chinese food and we both love the ocean. Spending time with her was always fun and usually spent going to the beach. She wasn’t not too into cooking so we always would eat out. I do miss my time with her and her death was kind of different in the since that I sometimes forget that she is gone. There was not a normal kind of funeral. She wanted to be cremated. We all just gathered for a large dinner and that was it. My grandfather well I didn’t know that he even existed until I was in the 7th or 8th grade. I just know that his is Filipino and his parents grew up in the Philippines. The last time I saw him was before my senior year. He did manage to do one grandfatherly thing and that was to show up at my end of the year rally to watch me dance with my team. We did invite him to my graduation but his wife let us know they would not be able to go. Never saw or heard from him after that. What is even worse is that we know he is now gone but we have no idea when. I do wish that I could have gotten to know him better and that he was a bigger part of our life.

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I sure do miss my grandparents. I am very grateful for all the time I was able to spend with at least the three. I can say my parents are also pretty good. They taught us well on how to love and respect. We like any other family have typical arguments, sometimes gets mad to where we don’t talk for a little bit but we get over it. No family is ever perfect.

Like I said earlier I have 8 kids. Three are no longer living at home with lives of their own. They all work hard and have turned out pretty well. I have been nagging the younger of the three for a grandchild but no. I think I would be a very good grandma. I had the best to teach me on what it is to be one. The 5 at home well so far so good. The two younger ones have dealt with bullies at school which has made them very shy and quiet. Breaks my heart because I have always told my kids that we never be mean to anyone under no circumstance. Anyway I just thought that I would share a little about me and my family.

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