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(Kids + Baking)-Depression= A Better Day

Sunday I woke up but I didnt want to move. I just wanted to spend the day in bed playing keep away. But I had to get up. I had kids to feed and a house to clean. I also wanted to work on my blog, make my site look great and learn more about pinterest. Ugh pinterest… I really never understood it or why people love it so much. Even my mom understands pinterest. I wanted to spend my day in bed and I felt like crying.

Things kind of got worse when I discovered a giant lump in my breast. It literally happened overnight. Made my husband check and he called our nurse friend who said it all should be fine but when we get our insurance back(lost insurance when lost jobs) it would be good to get it checked to be safe. With they way it suddenly appeared it sounds like just a cyst. All signs point to being just that including going through menopause. But none the less if freaked me out to the point of making me sick and most definitely didn’t help the depression.

I had to get my mind off all this and I had to do it fast. I have kids at home and I didn’t want them to worry. So I grabbed the aprons, one for me and one for my helper. My 12 year old told me what to make and my 9 year old was the one to help. Gathered all the ingredients needed for ….

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Only thing we don’t have red food coloring. So he chose blue.




baking soda


cocoa powder






food coloring—–Blue



cream cheese

powder sugar

In one bowl added all the wet ingredients and we discovered how cool it looked. And in the center it looked the like planet earth. After we were done being mesmerized by the liquids we moved on to the dry.

My son is absolutely adorable. While shifting all the dry ingredients he told me he wanted a kiss so while going towards him for that kiss he tosses flour onto my face. Saying how we need to look like real bakers. But he didnt have any on his cute little face so of course I had to make him look like a real baker as well.

While I used the hand mixer he added the flour. I do admit the blue was a very good choice not to mention my favorite color. I actually liked it a lot better then the usual red for a red velvet.

Pretty Cookie Monster Blue

He got the scooped and scooped the batter into the cupcake liners. He was so careful not to make a blue mess every getting the perfect amount in each liner. Then right into the over.

They came out perfect and wow the blue was amazing. He carefully took them out to cool. While cooling we mixed the frosting and guess what we made that blue. Not dark like the cupcake of course. We made white chocolate ganache for the filling. My 9 year old always has to have something white chocolate on almost anything we bake. Definitely my kid. I have loved white chocolate since the day my dad bought me home the first(well when they first came out) Nestle crunch white chocolate bar.

I showed him how we clean while waiting to fill and frost. He was very helpful. I just really wanted to keep as busy as possible. Then it was time to get them filled and frosted. All done.

They could not wait for their “Test” cupcake. My husband said they looked good and want his “Test” cupcake. I broke the rule of dessert before dinner and let them each have their own. They came out so good. The cake was light and fluffy, ganache was smooth and the cream cheese frosting was was silky and very yummy. I do make my own adjustments on any recipes I use such as less sugar, less oil or just a tablespoon more of cocoa powder.

I love the way the cupcakes came out. What I love the most is spending the time with my kids teaching them what I love to do. I don’t take medication to help me deal with my depression. I have my kids. I look at them no matter how bratty, or how much they fight or don’t want to listen when it comes to doing school work, or going to bed on time, All I have to do is spend some time with them doing something fun like baking and I literally forget about whatever it is going on with me both physically and mentally.

Things will be fine………

11 thoughts on “(Kids + Baking)-Depression= A Better Day

  1. I hope your lump turns out to be nothing to worry about, fingers crossed. Take care of yourself! Love the blue velvet cupcakes – sounds delish and the kids had fun 😉

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