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I love My New Subscription: FRESH BAKED COOKIE CRATE * Brief update *

Being stuck at home means I have time to look online for new subscription boxes. I have a budget for my subscriptions so if I see a new and interesting one I will switch it with a current one. while looking I found the perfect for me. I love my beauty boxes but when I saw this I just had to get it. This box would also be good for the kids and make it easy to continue our mommie & son baking weekends(at least for one weekend). You probably already guessed that it has to do with baking.

A monthly subscription box that is perfect for those who love to bake. And that box is called -FRESH BAKED COOKIE CRATE.

The pot holders are mine

This box on ships within the U.S. and have four different plans for you to choose.

  1. Ingredients for two dozen cookies and 2 to 3 cookie related surprises for $39.00.
  2. Ingredients for four dozen cookies and 2 to 3 cookie related surprises for $49.00.
  3. Ingredients for only two dozen cookies and no surprises for just $29.00.
  4. Ingredients for only four dozen cookies and no surprises for just $39.00.

If your going to spend the $39 I would just get the two dozen which includes the surprises.

All the ingredients are included and pre measured in vacuum sealed bags. All the ingredients they use are organic. And they wont give the same cookie twice. Only ingredients you will need to really provide are the eggs and butter.

I was excited when I was notified that my box was waiting for me downstairs in those lovely amazon lockers. The kids could not wait to get into this box open and find out cookie they would be baking. Not going to lie but I could not wait either.

Our cookie that we will be baking is called Rubies and Pearls.

Ingredients include: Organic flour, organic cane sugar, organic light brown sugar, callebaut Ruby chocolate, roasted& salted macadamia nuts, organic baking soda, pure vanilla, pink Himalayan salt. Again we provide the eggs and butter.

*Ruby chocolate is considered the fourth chocolate that was introduced in 2017. It comes from ruby cocoa beans and is a natural pink color. It has a kind of a raspberry fruity white chocolate taste.*

Besides the ingredients we got other cool baking items. One was their own silicone whisk. Which really made me happy because I have been needing a new one. It has a stainless steel handle and whisk part is well silicone in an aqua blue. Retails for $20.00.

Since we are a new costumer we got a silicone baking sheet. I did use it for these cookies and worked great. Cookies did not stick. Retails for $15.00.

Then we got soap. Yes! soap. It literally matched the theme of our box. Made from mango, shea, and cocoa butter. It is like a cookie but in soap form. Smells just like the cookie. Retails for $15.00.

OK the last surprise we got in our box is the best. Its a Cookie Monster’s Guide to Life: The Joy of Cookies. I love cookie monster! Seriously who doesn’t love him. A coffee table book filled with quotes inspired by cookies perfect for everyone to read. My youngest who fights me on the reading grabbed it and sat down to read. He loved it. This cute book retails for $16.00.

This all was going to be easy to make so my 12 year old was in charge of making this one. He followed all the directions and even cracked the egg himself. Not one shell made it into the bowl. He got all mixed in no time.

A cookie scooper was used to place little mounds of dough onto our new and freshly washed silicone baking sheet. Once he got about 8 on the sheet, the pan was then placed into the preheated oven. This made close to the two dozen it said it would make. When they were all done and placed on a serving plate he of course requested his “test cookie”.

They came out soft and buttery. The macadamia nuts gave it a crunchy nutty flavor mixed with the ruby chocolate and its slight fruity flavor. These were the best cookies we have yet to make. It really did not take long for them to disappear.

I was very happy with this box. Only one issue was that they forgot to give us the vanilla and the salt that said was included. Good thing I bake and always have those ingredients on hand.

I really did not except that this box would be this good. I was very pleased and love how it is very kid friendly. Can not wait until we get our June box which found out will be a Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip. Chocolate and bacon surprisingly a very good combination. I found found this box on

* Just a small update. I have been using the silicone whisk since I received it in my May box. Sadly the silicons is starting to come off. I am very careful with all my baking utensils especially when washing them. I am sure it will still work great once it all comes off but it was pretty with it on. Just wanted to update everyone on the “gifts” in case your were debating on which subscription to get since they do have one where you just get the ingredients.

COOKIES make the world a better place!

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