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My “WIlD THING” GlossyBox-May

I could not wait to open my box and see which animal print box I recieved. Would it be the Leopard or the Zebra print?


YAY! I got the awesome looking zebra print box. The other print would have been fine as well but this one really looked nice. I love when Glossybox does theme boxes. The boxes are great because you can reuse them to store store letters, if people still write letters to send. You can make dividers and keep loose jewelry. Maybe use it as a gift box and wrap over it? Just be creative and reuse!

This wonderful subscription box contains about 5 full size products. Its monthly($21) but you do have the option for 3,6 or a 12 month plan.

A beautiful thing is never perfect.


Here is what I got in my lovely box:

ELEMIS: Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm– This cute little travel size product sells for $14.00. Its a super cleansing treatment balm that deep cleans, softens and nourishes the skin. You can use it as a mask for a real deep clean by leaving it on for 10 min(done weekly) or daily to remove your make up. Either way warm hands, apply in circular motion rinse off gently with warm water.

It contains 3 main ingredients:

  1. Padina Pavonica- Unique Mediterrean algae that has proven anti-aging benefits.
  2. Starflower oil- This oil is grown and pressed in the UK and helps promote good skin health by maintaining skin metabolism.
  3. Elderberry oil- This oil has high levels of essential fatty acids which is a key ingredient for skin health.

I tried it as a mask and really did like it. It has a nice menthol smell(another ingredient) which yes I love. Left my skin feeling very nice, soft and clean. Will make this one last because the full size is $64.

Steve Laurant Eye Shadow Pallet- The cover matches my box! This is a small pallet, about the size of my palm. Still its a full size product that sells for $38. It has dark and metallic shades. Perfect for going bold or smokey. I will not be keeping this only because I have way too many and again I love to share. Left that plastic cover on…

CBD Face Mask This is my favorite. I put one of these on while relaxing in a nice hot bath. This one contain activated charcoal to help clear the pores and flush out the debris that causes the skin to look dull. It works well for all skin types. Leave this on for 10 minutes, remove and pat dry. Leaving the remaining to absorb into the skin. Cost for one mask is $6.99. UPDATE- I looked more into the charcoal and this one you do NOT leave on you have to wash off after use. I did use this one the other day and I had a reaction to it. Others might not of course. The other masks might have been better for me but wont be trying anything with charcoal again.

EyeKo: Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner- This is a black eyeliner with a soft tapered tip to help give you nice perfect lines. It is waterproof and will not smudge. Costing at around $22.00. I do not use liquid eye liners because I am so very bad at applying them. So this will be another item that will be given away.

Bellapierre: Kiss Proof Lip Creme This is long lasting with a matte finish. It requires very little touching up. Recommends that you apply lip balm before putting on this product to help prevent your lips from drying out. The shade I received is Rose Petal and sells for $20.00. I really don’t want to open this because it looks a bit too dark for me. I usually love lip products but for my age and skin type I can only pull of certain shades. Might give this one away.

Well this was what I received in my very nice zebra printed box. The total value of it is $101. Despite the fact that I don’t keep all the items I feel it is still worth what you actually pay for the box. And there is nothing wrong with sharing…… I can not wait to receive my June box.

Real beauty is to be true to oneself.      

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on

Laetitia Casta

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