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The May Lippiebox

My morning started off with an invigorating 1 miles walk with 2 out of the 5 boys. The teens can’t be bothered with some fresh air and exercise. The two youngest enjoy being out in the great outdoors. Mostly to play their Pokemon game but whatever it takes to get them outside for a bit. Thankfully it was a nice cool day(non of that usual rain) unlike yesterdays hotter then heck weekend. Well it was only in the 80’s but in Washington that is too hot. Got home to make breakfast and my coffee. We did drink water during our walk. But I need MY coffee!

As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?

Cassandra Clare

While drinking my fresh from the french press coffee I got an email with a code attached. Love getting codes. It always meant that something good is waiting for me down in the amazon lockers. I forced my husband off his video game and run downstairs to get my packages.

It was my May lippiebox. If you like lip glosses, lip balms and other lip care products then you might like this box. A monthly subscription dedicated to nothing but lip products and maybe one that actually isn’t for the lips.

Last month I paid $17 for 5 full sized products which included one beauty. But this month when I checked it is now $12. I still got full size products but there was only 4 lip stuff and nothing else . I have no idea why the change but hey the price was lower after all.

The first thing that was in my box was Cired’ Abeille Basil & Lime Lemonade Lip Balm : They use the highest quality ingredients and when possible they make sure to use organic ingredients. The ink for the labels are even Eco friendly. Some ingredients are beeswax, coconut & castor oil, basil infused almond oil, vitamin E, lemon-lime-basil essential oils and stevia. You can smell a slight basil and citrus scent. Its nice and not at all waxy on the lips. I did check out the site for this lip balm. They have so many “flavors” that I would love to try such as Bourbon Cream Coffee infused, French Toast Swirl Maple infused and for the fall my favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yes, I am one of those horrible pumpkin spice lovers. Once fall hits its pumpkin spice everything. Their lip balms only sell for $4.99 http://www.AbeilleSkinCare.comEco friendly ink is a non water based from ether extracts taking from refined mineral oil and doesn’t contain harmful solvents-Sorry not sorry I did not know this and had to look it up.

Lick_ER_Lips- This is another lip balm is the second one in this box. No harsh chemicals are used, free from any nut products and is gluten free. Contains Avocado butter, coconut-olive-jojoba-grape seed-castor-hemp oils, mango butter, vitamin E and flavor oils. They have several different” flavors” such as cookie dough, gummy bear, birthday cake and many others. I got Oreo so, of course it was taken away by my Oreo lover son. What is good is that they only sell for $2.50 each. It really does smell like an Oreo but sadly didn’t taste like one. I didn’t take a bite but I did lick my lips hoping it had a taste. And like the other its not waxy and my lips feel so soft after awhile.

#3. Flamingobathandbody- Lip gloss. Strawberry red licorice lip gloss flavor. All natural ingredients- coconut& castor oil, cocoa seed butter and flavor oils. It has a nice strawberry scent and taste. It glides on nice and smooth with the rollar but I do not like this product at all. I love love love lip glosses. This is just one I would not buy or even use again. Stays on for just a few minutes and left my lips feeling even more dry then they were before. I find that weird considering the ingredients. I was not able to find any other information about this product so if anyone is able to please let me know.

#4. The very last one in my box is a lip scrub from MYMAGICALSTAR– Its infused with honey and brown sugar for a yummy sweet taste. Your not suppose to taste it unlike some that I have tried previously . Message a little on your damp lips, wipe gently with towel and following up with one the lip balms you just received in your box. It has a cute little bee in the middle that the kids thought was candy. I tried some and I have to say I DO NOT like it at all. It’s very abrasive actually hurting my lips and I was very gently while massaging onto them. I have tried more then enough of this type of product to know that I will not be trying this again. I looked on their site and they didn’t have this particular scrub but the one they had was priced at around $6.00

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Really not to sure how I feel about this box. I liked 2 out of the 4 products. The lip balms were great and did their job nourishing my dry lips. I wish the lip scrub and lip gloss were better but for what I paid it good. I will wait til I see what is in my June box before I make the decision to cancel or not to cancel.

Tired Friday Diary Entry

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