Mother and Son Baking on Quarantine Mothers day-Lemon Bundt Cake

My Mothers Day Card

My mothers day began with finding a special homemade card in my dresser drawer. I love the things that are made more then things that are bought especially when its from my kids. And seeing this just started my day off great.

After I dressed I made myself breakfast and coffee. At least a hour of quiet was all that I needed. I got a ton of hugs and kisses from the youngest of my children while the teens yelled their mothers day wish as they turned on their game.

When they were done with their breakfast it was time for Mother / Son baking . Today was my 9 year olds’ turn. I wanted something different and not chocolate. Something that sounded refreshing and tasty for this warm spring Mothers Day. I had plenty of lemons in my kitchen so I thought a lemon bundt cake would be perfect.

Lemon Bundt Cake

My little assistant had the task of gathering all the ingredients, bowls and measuring cups/spoons. I wrote everything down for him that way it gave him some reading practice. Once everything was all set out he started off cutting the butter into cubes (with a butter knife of course), measured out the sugar and started mixing. The eggs were to be added one at a time. I did the first one and he begged to do the rest. I usually do this part because it would mean me having to fish out several pieces of eggshells. But, I figured what the heck. He took the egg and proceeded to squeeze, not giving it the usual gently tap on the edge of the bowl. Stopped him immediately before the egg went everywhere but where it was intended to go. Yes, I did show and helped him. He already the flour sifted in a separate bowl along with baking soda and the salt. As I mixed he put in some of the flour with a little of the buttermilk. He did this a couple of times with flour being the last. Then tossed in a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and them the lemon zest.

After it was all mixed he spooned the batter into a greased bundt pan and tossed it into a preheated oven(325). Set the timer for 70 minutes. We killed time by watching some Hallmark movies. Actually I watched while my helper played a game on my cell phone.

About 10 minutes before the timer was set to go off we made the lemon simple syrup. He got the sugar, water and some lemon juice. Stirred til sugar dissolved and let it come to a boil. He was very well supervised with this part.

Took cake out let sit and flipped onto the cake tray. He brushed the simple syrup all over the top. Let our cake cool for about an hour.

While cake was cooling he got some powder sugar and the last of the lemon juice and mixed. He loves to be the one to mix. And after the cake was completely cooled he poured the glaze over the top and he wanted gold stars as decorations.

He was so happy and very proud of the cake he helped make. He didn’t want to wait til after dinner to have some of his lemony dessert. He even had to take some of his own pictures to show off his accomplishment.

After our Mothers Day dinner at home of course we all enjoyed a large slice of this Delicious bundt cake. I should also mention that when we make our desserts we cut the amount of sugar by half of what is recommended . It had the perfect amount of sweetness with a wonderful lemon taste. It went perfectly with a nice glass of ice tea.

This quarantine has been real hard for us all and really disappointed to have it all extended another month. I understand healthy and safety first. But like I have said many times before this has given me the opportunity to really spend time with my children. They not only get to learn how to bake but they are getting some one on one time with me. I know too well how time flies and children grow. And with all this bad I can see plenty of the good that is coming from all of this. Cant wait til we bake again next weekend.

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