My son learning to bake cookies

Cookie ingredients

During these months while being in quarantine I have been taking advantage of the time home with my young kids. We get up early to take a morning walk. I finally got my 8 year old to go along. They collect Pokemon and are still trying to explain the game to me. Sorry but I have never gotten into these games. I barely can comprehend building my website yet alone a game. In between their game they look for flowers so I can take pictures. I help them with their school work and play board games. But their favorite thing to do is bake with me. Take turns learning how to bake having that one on one time.

Peng Liyuan

“A child’s first teacher is its mother.”

Today after our long walk they wanted to bake a dessert before it got to hot to do so. It was a very warm day in Seattle(85 deg) and no air conditioner. I wanted something easy and that would really take long. Mostly because I wanted to let them take control of it all. And since it was my 12 year old’s turn I thought it would be perfect if he started with cookies- Good old fashion chocolate chip cookies.

I printed out the ingredients and the measurements. He gathered the items on the list, the bowl and measuring cups/spoons. Since I wanted him to be in complete control I let him pour, crack sift, mix everything.

He cut up the butter into cubes.

Mixed the sugar and butter

Added brown sugar- Mixed some more

Added in the two eggs one at a time, the added vanilla

He properly measured the baking soda, salt and flour.

And he mixed away with the hand blender.

Once all placed on the cookie sheet he added his own special touch-M&M’s

He made sure to put on the oven mitts and carefully placed the cookie sheet with perfect mounds of dough into the preheated oven. I usually don’t use a timer when it comes to baking cookies so he did a real good remembering to check on them. When he saw that they were a golden brown, ready to come out he made sure to put on his oven mitts, took them out and waited for them to cool before placing them on the plate. When he was about done he wanted to make a special cookie, a giant special cookie. A cookie so big it just about took up the entire center of the cookie sheet. One that would just be for him to mark his accomplishment.

Finally all the cookies along with his giant cookie were done. Waiting til after dinner to be eaten. He did ask if he could have a “test cookie” so of course I let him after all this was his first batch of cookies that he actually made on his own. I did very little to help but did watch carefully when he opened and closed the oven.

His cookies came out perfect. Nice, chewy and soft. He followed the directions perfectly and surprisingly didn’t make a mess. Takes after his mom. Well I made a tiny mess- somehow I managed to get flour all over his cute little face.. After dinner the family enjoyed homemade cookies and a cup of milk.

Eating a “Test cookie”

His giant special cookie. Not all the cookies had M&M’s because mommie doesn’t really like them in cookies.

I love this time with my kids. I would not trade a single moment of it for anything.

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