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Boxy Charm-April

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This is one of several subscription boxes that I love and look forward to getting every month. I did have to stop this one for a couple of months only because of having to relocate and money had to go towards more important things. As you can see I did get it back and I am very happy about it. A monthly subscription that offers other options……

Boxy Charm(The one I have)

This one is $25 a month with a value of $120. You will get 5 full size beauty products.

Boxy Luxe

This one is $49 and its a quarterly box. The value for this box is $250 . Box will contain a total of 8 beauty and lifestyle products.

Boxy Charm Premium

A monthly box that is only $35 with a value of $175. Contains 6-7 beauty products.

You can get the others as long as you have an active account. If you do want to upgrade to the Boxyluxe you need to do so during the season.

Anyway, I will share with you the beauty products that I received for the April edition of Boxycharm.

  1. The Porefessional Pore primer 22ml– Minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. You can apply this before or after you put on make up or just alone. This translucent formula contains vitamine c. It is oil free, light weight, good for all skin tones and goes on smooth. Love this since I do have slightly enlarged pores. I applied this to my clean and moisturized face and wow it went on very smooth. My face felt velvety soft. My skin looked great. Didn’t feel like I had anything on my face and diminished the appearance of my pores just enough to make a difference. I usually don’t use anything beyond moisturize on my face but I loved it and would buy it after this one is gone. The cost for this product is $32.00.

2. Battington Harlow 3D silk lashes with Glue– These lashes are suppose to give you that dramatic length and volume everyone so loves. These cost $31 and if you go on to you can get these lashes with a curler and scissors for the same price. It is a sale so I am not sure how long the sale will last. I do not use fake lashes. Mostly because I am not good at applying them. So these will stay untouched and given away.

3. Iconic London Illuminator -This will give you a shimmering look when mixing with foundation, primer or moisturizer. You can also apply directly to your skin. The cost for this full size product is $41. I have used similar products like this in the past and really not a fan. As I previously stated I only use moisturizers and I really didn’t like the way a similar product made my face feel. So this will be another item that will be left untouched and given away.

4. QMS Intensive eye care 15 ml– The will rejuvenate and hydrate your eyes and is good for sensitive skin. Apply under your lower part of your eye to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. I have only been using it a couple of day and nights and I can see just a tiny difference. I will continue to use it but not sure if after this runs out I would spend the money to get more. Not at all greasy and has a nice pleasant scent. Boxy Charm lists the value of this at $150.

5. Lavish Make up Brushes– 5 piece neon cruelty free essential eye brush set in a nice soft case. I love these and their nice bright colors. I am not too sure if I want to keep these since I already have way too many. I was careful not to touch the bristles for the reason. The cost for this set is $30.

6. Zoeva Aristo Eyeshadow Palette– Highly pigmented earthy tones. Both matte and metallic enriched with vitamin C. These are very nice colors. Not as dark as I was expecting and very natural looking. I have actually been using the IN THE GROUND & ENERGETIC . Goes on nice and smooth. Now I don’t get fancy with my eye shadows like most but for me I used the Energetic like one would apply like eyeliner and the In The Ground on the main part of my eyelid. Totally loved the way it looked went great with my light brown eyes.The cost for this pallet is $28.

I am very happy with this box despite their being some products I wont be using. I like sharing so no loss there. The total value of the box added up to $312. A real good deal for only $25 a month. I can wait for my next box.

The products that I do not keep I do intend on giving them away. I do not open and handle with clean sanitized hands.

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