My Time with my Son

Just this last week it was announced that we will have to deal with another month of the stay at home quarantine. The hearts of my youngest two just sank. The good this is some state parks will now open to us. Of course we will still have limits such as staying within your area and same social distancing rules. If they ever decide to lower the cost of a fishing license I would love to take the kids out to the lake to catch some dinner. We have too many in my family that require this license otherwise every weekend there we would be…

Anyway, I have been seeing a not so good change in my 12 yr old. He has not been his happy jump all over the place and causing trouble self. He just stays in his room, does his school work(very little) and with occasionally coming out to give mommie some hugs and kisses( shhhh don’t tell him I just said that). My 9 yr old is still his very loving self but he has been getting very grouchy and snapping at everyone. So I can tell you that this not only is affecting us adults it is also affecting the kids. So much was taken from them by this stay at home quarantine. When they go to school they have their friends to socialize with and physical education to keep active. The younger kids had time to play in the playground.

Sooooo, the weather forecast said that we would have some clear sunny days. Which is rare here in Washington. I got up early this morning and it was just that- a nice sunny morning. Ran into the boys room to get them up while tossing around some clothes for them to wear. While they dressed I grabbed water, hand sanitizer, and off we went. My adorable little 8 year old did not want to get up due to it being too early for him. I guess he felt he needed more beauty sleep. How much more cute does he think he needs to get? Didn’t want to waste time considering here in my state it can be sunny one minute and rain the next. Getting one kid out was better then no kids.

His face totally lit up as we walked away from our complex. He took his tablet in order to hatch some Pokemon eggs. At least I thinks it eggs and having to hatch them. I know nothing about that pokemon game. He tried to explain everything as we were walking. He also thanked me a couple of times for taking him out for a walk.(didn’t mean it to sound like I was taking a dog out for a walk). We don’t have a nice picturesque path that I would liked to have taken but for the time being we have to settle for a semi busy street with nothing pretty around. Sadly we do not live in the prettiest part of Washington. Did manage to find a few flowers to take pictures of and I did get some cute ones of my adorable son who is really photogenic(at least to me). He spotted some rabbits in a field and asked if we could somehow take them home. I had to remind him how they are wild and good to stay. Not to mention we have a basset hound who would more then love to go after the rabbit. We no too well from a bad experience. My son found some wishes and his wish was that I would always love him.How could I even stop loving my kids. I am raising some of the most loving children. Why I am so enjoying my time at home with them.

After 30 minutes of walking, talking and taking pictures we decided it was time to turn back around. He thanked me again and let me know that it would have been great if his brothers went but, loved that it was just the two of us. I made us breakfast and wow did that kid eat. That walk gave him quite an appetite. He told his brothers how much fun he had and how they should have gone. Before retreating back to his room to rest he gave me a big hug and asked if we could go again tomorrow if there is no rain.

If the weather cooperates we will go out again in the morning. Maybe if he feels up to it we can go a little farther to a drive/walk thru coffee shop keeping our social distance of course. I have been doing my part to keep them safe in our apartment away from possible germs. But they needed to be out in the sun getting some fresh air. We can do it with keeping a good safe distance away from others.

Now to get the rest out for a lovely walk and some time together.

3 thoughts on “My Time with my Son

  1. We have never imagined in our worst dreams that this kind of invisible virus would change our lives. Yeah kids are our future we have to protect them it’s our responsibility to keep them safe. This time I think is actually making them responsible, soon the medicine is there life will be on its track. Till then we must let this time pass patiently.

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