Subscription boxes

Target Beauty Box

While ordering some groceries on I found this beauty box. This is not a subscription box but I wanted to check it out. They had three types to choose from and they only cost $7 for each. This one had 5 products. A couple were actually full size and the rest were just samples.

beauty, box, cleaners, facial products

Spring to clean
Pacific Glowing Make-up Removing wipes.- This one was a sample that has 10 wipes in the package. They are 100% vegan, removes make up as well as cleans and tones. They are good to use on all skin types. I have very sensitive skin so I have to be very careful with things like this. I did try it to see how it feels considering that during quarantine I have not been putting on any make-up. So I could not tell you if it easily and gently takes the make up off. But I can say it left my face feeling nice and soft with a pleasant scent. Did not have any kind of bad reaction. The full size has 30 wipes and costs $4.99.

make up remover, wipes, gently, vegan, sensitive skin, cleans, tones

Spring & Vine Shampoo Bar– Tea tree & mint (scalp soothing) Shea butter and essential oils. This was not tested on animals and is vegan. I rubbed the bar gently over my wet hair not expecting it to lather up as much as it did. Felt real cool on my scalp, has a pleasant scent and hair felt clean. We have all been using this bar this last week and It looks like it would last for many shampooing. I really liked this bar shampoo. Looked it up and they had others to choose from….Lavender & Orange blossom (Balanced Clean) Grapefruit &Rosemary (Volumizing) Oatmeal (Moisturizing)This was full size and the cost is $9.99

shampoo, bar, soap, tea tree, mint, soothing, scalp
hair repair, lotion, hair care,

The Good Stuff-Complete Repair Balm- I used this after the shampoo bar. I applied it at the ends of my hair. Not greasy and didn’t really notice it was in my hair. I can honestly say that I really don’t use products like this. And just applied it the one time but they ends of my hair feel nice and soft. This was a sample product and the full size is $7.99.

skin cleanser, mature skin, normal skin, hemp seed oil

Shea Moisture Cannabis & witch hazel skin rescue cream cleanser- Contains hemp seed oil, witch hazel and Vitamin E. This is recommended for normal and mature skin. It went on like it was lotion and was not drying. Didn’t feel like I needed to use any kind of moisturizer after washing. This was a full size product which costs $9.99.

true unicorn root, hemp seed, skin treatment, exfoliate

Acure Resurfacing Overnight Glycolic treatment– This is good for combo/normal skin. Has true unicorn root(I literally had to look up what this was), hemp seed and almond oils. Use at night before bed and after you wash your face. This gently exfoliates and refines. It says it has a floral scent-NOT but does have a scent.I do like the way it make my face feel in the morning and no bad reactions, Not even the possible tingling that is warns about. Sample size with the full size costing $19.99.
I was really impressed with this box. Again only $7.The two full size products more the covered the cost($20 total). I would most definitely buy other boxes.

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