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Spring 2020 Causebox

I look forward to getting this box every season and even more so this spring considering the issues going around lately to help brighten my day.Thankfully it was paid for before getting laid off. When I got notice that it was here a day before I actually expected I made my husband run down to our mailbox. Its funny because my boys get excited for these boxes as well. In past seasonal boxes(not necessarily causeboxes) I have received blankets or umbrellas that they like to take.
Again this is a seasonal box. It costs around $54 each quarter but if you pay for the year you will get a discount of around $20.00. You get around 6-8 products that could include apparel, jewelry, wellness products, accessories, beauty products, home wares and exclusive artwork. All very social conscious products with their own story.
I will share with you the items that came in my box. There are a slight variation between the boxes…
cross body purse, vegan synthetic leather, lining made with recycled plastic bottles

My first item was from Pixie Mood. It was an all vegan synthetic leather Zoe cross body purse.The lining was made from recycled plastic bottles which are harmful to our environment. If you look at the linings in the purses you see bottle designs on the fabric. A detail which I love. I got the black one which was perfect considering that I do have children. Other color possibilities were honey and grey.It comes with the removable strap, couple pouches that zip and fold over flap with magnetic button. Really pleased with this purse and am already using it despite the fact I cant go anywhere. The retail value of this purse is around $75.
bento box, sustainable material

This is an item that one of my children claimed. Its from a company called Bentgo. A bento box that has two layers, comes with fork, spoon and knife. Has a nice stretchable band to hold it all in place. They do stress that it is NOT leak proof. It is made with sustainable and food grade material. I looked on their site to check them out and found that they are partnered with FEED THE CHILDREN as to which they have donated more the $150 k since 2017. According to Causebox the value of this was listed at around $29.00 but on the actual Bentgo site they were actually selling them for $14.99 and if you sign up with your email you will get 10% off.
reusable grocery bag for veggies, fruits

I like this other item as well but I usually order my groceries online. Its a Sustainable grocery starter Kit made in India from Artisan Direct.Came in a set of five ( 3 mesh and 2 solid material). The bags are not that big and wouldn’t be good for a large trip to the grocery store. The mesh ones are perfect for fruits and vegetables . I will probably send these to my daughter for her trips to Trader Joes. In the mean time my boys decided to make an art project out of the solid material ones.It came out well and I am sure their sister will love it.Value is about $22.
eye cream, vegan, cruelty free, slows signs of aging

I love getting skin care products. This one from Earth Harbor is aqua aura reparative eye cream. Certified organic, all natural, non synthetics, cruelty free and vegan.Slows the signs of aging under your eyes. Thankfully at the nice age of 50 I really don’t have wrinkles so I will be more than happy to try this product to hopefully make sure it stays this way. It does have a nice pleasant scent and feels nice under my eyes. It retails at around $34.00.
lavender, relaxing pillow spray

This next product is actually my favorite. And have been looking for something like this for awhile. Its from Cardea Auset and is a Calm Mood Mist. Its a spray that contains all natural products such as witch hazel, lavender, bergamot, frankensense essential oils.Shake it and spray on your pillows before bed to help you get a good nights sleep. You can also spray it around if you just need to relax or mediate.Being stuck in quarantine this is a really good product to have and maybe help with the stress that we all have to deal with even more so now. I have only had this for a day now and well I have been using it more then just for bedtime. It has a very pleasant lavender scent. And I really love anything lavender. My kids asked if I would spray it on their pillows before they went to bed. My only complaint is the lid isn’t screwed on too well and it leaks otherwise love it. Retail value is $30.
Mascara eye serum cruelty free

Next is the super eye duo from Dime Beauty. One is a volume mascara, the other an eyelash boost serum. Now I have a lot of trouble finding the perfect mascara that will make me look like I have nice, long, thick looking lashes. So far only one and this so isn’t the one. It does have a nice tapered bush and is easy to apply. Like all the products that Causebox puts in their boxes this to is vegan and cruelty free. The eyelash boost serum has amino acids and peptides to improve appearance of lashes. This is the first time I have ever tried a product like this and cant yet say if it works or not. I applied it at night and does not burn or haven’t had any reactions. The book from Causebox says the value is around $47 but on the actual site its actually $49.
bandana, cotton, hand made

The last item is from Jenni Earle. It is the Wild and free Bandana. This style was custom made just for the Causebox. If you go onto the actual site you will find many different colors and themes.(Be brave, Explore more, Trust yourself and Good luck are some examples). All are hand dyed, printed and hand drawn which are made from 100 percent cotton. Very soft and beautifully done. You can use your bandana in many different ways. Now with the coronavirus you can use it as a face mask. I will use my as an accessory for my purse. The value of this is $32.

Overall this Spring Causebox was great. I have yet to get a box from this company that I did not like. Can’t wait for the Summer box.

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