Subscription boxes

Reading with my son-Coffee and a Classic subscription box

I have been stuck at home during quarantine for several weeks now. This time at home has been giving me the opportunity to figure out how to blog and what to blog. I receive several subscription boxes but I did have to back up on some due to me not working.Thought I could blog about ones I still receive.With that being said…….There are so many subscriptions to choose from along with different types. I started off by getting one that costed around $10.00 a month. It was just samples but of course that led me to discovering more. I found several make up subscription boxes, some for the kids which included clothes, international food and even ones for gamers. But, there was one particular subscription that appealed to me more then the make up ones. It was a subscription box that included coffee and a book. Two perfect combinations because who doesn’t love coffee and a good book to read. It was called Coffee and a Classic. Despite the part “Coffee” you actually have a choice between the coffee, hot chocolate and tea. There are also different genres: Classic Literature, Children’s Classics and Classic Nonfiction. I chose the Children’s classic. Reason being I figured that would be a good way to get one or all of my kids interested in reading. As it turns out my 13 year old saw the box and asked if he could have it. He also suggested that we read together. Along with the obvious there was also some type of cup , snack, and a “bookish item” that went with the theme of the book. I pay around $40.99 plus shipping a month for this box and its so worth it. My son really enjoys our reading time together with a cup of coffee and loves the items that come in the box. He has rotated between the beverage items but he is a coffee lover like his mother.(Don’t judge not like he drinks gallons like me) The last book that we received was Pippi Longstocking. And all the items in the box were all related to the story. This was a very cute story about a little girl with incredible strength who lives on her own and befriends two neighbor children. She had quit an imagination and we could not help but laugh. We were sad when we finished this book.

Sadly, this was the last box we received which was a couple of months ago. Had some issues with delivery which was not the fault of the company but that of the post office. I figured it would give us a chance to catch up on our reading before we reactivated our subscription. We will reorder this box in May when income and Coffee and a Classic are able to start back up. According to their web site you will be able to subscribe in May. Like many other companies they closed down temporarily because they care about their employees health along with ours. My son begs me to get this box back for him. He gets excited to see all the things that come in the box. He has a collection of coffee cups that he likes to rotate out each day. But his favorite thing about the box is actually the book and the time we get to spend reading. Coffee and a Classic( box: $29.99 plus tax- you get book, cup and two “bookish” itemsStandard box: $40.99 plus tax- I get this box and I love it. You get a cool box, the book, a cup, snack, your choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate( we tried all 3 and very good), bookmark and 1-2 “bookish” items.

This site says that ordering has been put on hold due to the coronavirus. Should be able to subscribe in May.

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