Subscription boxes

My New subscription: April Lippiebox

I found this new subscription box on Cratejoy. Looking for new and inexpensive boxes that I can actually afford during this time. This one is a monthly box for only $19.00 . It will contain 5 full size products. I also discovered due to my lack of better reading, their site states that it will come with other beauty products along with the lip products. Sugar lip scrubs, chap sticks, lip glosses…..

This was my April box. Packaged nicely with pretty pink shredded paper. Came faster then I expected. I am sure it helps that their company is based in San Jose, Ca and me in Seattle, Wa.(still pretty fast)

This came packaged together. Chap stick and a Magical Star Lip Balm.The Chap stick has coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, cocoa and flavor oil. I love the rose sent in both of these. The chap stick is like the typical ones that you buy in stores. Feels a bit waxy on the lips but it does serve its purpose.The lip balm is really nice and goes on smooth.

This next on is called Blister balm Lip Protectant: This one is my favorite item.It comes in a very cute bamboo tube with a stainless steel roller. 100% natural jojoba botanicals, lemon balm oil, clove oil, peppermint oil. Helping to delay onset of cold sore, protects from the wind and cold weather and helps to relieves pain and itching associated with lip irritations. The roller is smooth and has a cooling effect as you apply. You can really feel the combo of the cloves and peppermint oil. And feels great on your lips.The value of this is a bit pricey but I think its worth the $14.99.
Another chap stick with all natural ingredients. It has a fruity scent.Goes on smooth, feels good on the lips and not to waxy. I do like this one a little better then the other.

The last item in the box was not at all a lip product. I am not a make up expert and had no

idea how one would use this by just looking at it.(I had to look it up) Its from a company called Appeal. A loose powder that you shake out and with a make up brush apply onto your upper eye lid as well as you lower. I got the charcoal which is glittery. This in not something that I would try or able to pull off as part of my plain make up look. The value of this was $21.
Overall I love this box. We do use a lot of lip products in this house. We live in the Seattle area and our lips are always dry and chapped. My boys don’t mind the rosy or fruity scents and have tried them. They each took one to keep. I wish this box came with a description card and an overall value. I was only able to look up two that had the amounts on their sites. The Blister balm($14.99) and Appeal( $21) combine is around $36 and the box itself costs $19. Price is set about right and can not wait til I get my next box. Hopefully I will get to keep some for myself.Again its a monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time.

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